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The kitchen and other main level spaces are truly the heart of the home. They create great places to gather and entertain friends and family. Think of how much time is spent in these common spaces and imagine how you would change your current main level to reflect what you and your family need. A functional main level or kitchen that maximizes space can enhance the way you live while providing elements that can help to make life easier.

MN Kitchen & Main Level Remodels

by Gonyea Transformations

Explore each remodeled main level and kitchen below to learn more about how the Gonyea Transformations team redesigned each space to reflect our clients’ needs.

Remodel Your Main Level & Kitchen

Remodeling your main level and/or kitchen can sound overwhelming, but with Gonyea Transformations, you can rest easy knowing that we will guide you through each of your remodeling decisions. Our experienced team will formulate a highly-creative main level design that incorporates all the features you need for your home to function the best for you and your family. We do this by listening to your needs and understanding your concerns. We know that you want a design that enhances the spaces throughout the main level while keeping it cohesive to the existing parts of your home—a design that looks like it was built with the rest of the home. Interested in learning more? Contact us!

About Gonyea Transformations

MN Home Remodeler

Gonyea Transformations is a leading Twin Cities metro remodeling company with an exceptional team of professional designers and builders and a time-tested client-approved process. The diversity in our work, including outstanding kitchen remodels and main level renovations, reflect our continuous goal of designing purposeful projects that seamlessly blend into the existing space. We bring form, function and optimal livability to existing homes.

For a Truly Exceptional Home Remodel, Choose Gonyea Transformations.

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