Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

In the summertime many Minnesotans enjoy spending more time outdoors and relaxing in their backyard area. In these warmer months you may want to explore the best outdoor kitchen ideas to include in your home improvement plans.

Outdoor Cabinets with Sink

For effortless cooking and entertaining on your patio or deck, consider creating a functional outdoor kitchen with cabinets that frame your grills and/or smoker. Outdoor cabinets offer easy access and storage for all your entertaining essentials, from stylish tableware to pantry items.


Completing your cabinets with a sink will ensure easy clean up, so you never need to trek through your house carrying dirty dishes.

Outdoor Refrigeration 
Refrigerator Brown

Incorporating refrigeration into your outdoor kitchen design simplifies cooking and preparing food for your guests. It also saves you from countless trips back and forth from your interior kitchen, meaning you never miss a moment of the fun and entertainment with family and friends.


With refrigerated storage options like built-in mini fridges and freezers, refrigerated drawers, and freestanding fridges and freezers, you can serve ice-cold drinks and crisp summer salads without breaking a sweat!

Outdoor Kitchen Island
Kt Island

Enhance your outdoor prep space with a large outdoor kitchen island. From various stones to stainless steel materials, there are many sophisticated, weather-resistant outdoor countertop choices that offer ample space to help prepare and serve food to your guests.


For more storage potential, create your island using outdoor cabinets or modular units to organize all your entertaining essentials.

Outdoor Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

Does your family love a hot slice of pizza? With an outdoor oven, pizza night can quickly become a regular item on the menu. And because your oven will be outdoors, there’s plenty of ventilation for such high-temperature cooking.


From portable propane ovens to built-in wood-fired brick ovens, there’s a pizza oven option that’ll surely complement your outdoor kitchen design ideas.

Outdoor Bar

Outdoor entertaining allows you to gather with loved ones while basking in the summer breeze. By including an outdoor bar complete with barstools, you can instantly create a comfortable space for family and friends to socialize and enjoy some tasty beverages.


Customize your outdoor bar by adding on appliance units, such as a wine fridge, kegerator, and/or ice maker. With such thoughtful touches, your guests may be tempted to camp out longer than you anticipated!

Nearby Outdoor Dining
Outdoor Dining

Having everyone together as you cook and prepare food outside is a huge draw for homeowners looking to transform their outdoor living spaces. Even simple outdoor kitchen ideas benefit from including a nearby dining area, so you can stay connected to the conversation and fun while still preparing meals and drinks for your guests.


There are several ways to create a dining space, from a more-formal dining area fitted with a table and chairs to an informal counter with barstools.

Pergolas and Awnings

During the hot summer months, installing a pergola, awning, or sail shades over your outdoor kitchen introduces some needed shade for a cool retreat from the sun. By incorporating some roofing structure, you also protect your kitchen from constant UV-rays exposure and inclement weather.


Some options may even allow you to take advantage of your outdoor kitchen space even during rainy summer days. Adding outdoor curtains and shades, for example, can create some softness for a relaxing cabana-like space to entertain. Additional accessories (e. g. heat lamps, fans, TVs, ect.) that attach to the roofing structure can make an even more comfortable environment for you and your guests.

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