Tackle These Spring Home Improvement Projects

As we head into spring, many of us look for every opportunity to prepare our homes for the warmer months ahead. In addition to refreshing your home with the annual spring cleaning, there are plenty of spring home projects that’ll resolve any winter damages you’ve experienced, as well as transition your home for nicer weather.
Get some inspiration from the experts at Gonyea Transformations with these spring home improvement projects:

6 Spring Project Ideas

No matter the size of your budget, the following unfinished basement updates will help you transform your lower level into a space you and your family will enjoy spending time in while making new memories:

1. Make Roof Repairs or Updates

Between snow accumulation and fluctuating temperatures, our roofs must endure a lot during winter months. The formation of ice, for example, can gradually lift roof materials, creating cracks for potential water damage. While you may not consider repairing or replacing your roof an exciting spring home improvement project, it certainly is worth the investment. A vulnerable roof that’s missing shingles can open you up to serious complications. Check the status of your roof, and contact a professional roof contractor to assess any damages and recommend options for repairs and/or replacements.

2. Clean or Replace Gutters

Throughout the fall and winter, your home’s gutters collect debris and dirt. To prepare your gutters for spring, perform a thorough cleaning by removing any built-up leaves or twigs, so they can properly drain water away from the home’s structure and foundation. If you’ve noticed any gutter leaks from melting snow or spring showers, it’s time to consider updating your gutter system to prevent costly water damage down the road.

3. Update Siding

Refresh the exterior of your home this spring by updating the siding. There are many siding options available that come in a variety of stylish colors to re-energize your home’s curb appeal, including brick, vinyl, or stone. Siding adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home and also protects the structure from the outer elements. If you notice any splitting or missing siding, it’s time to replace it. Otherwise, you can give your siding a deep cleaning with a power washer to remove built-up dirt and grime that’ll leave it sparkling and looking brand new!

4. Refresh Your Front Door

Your front door sees a lot of foot traffic between friends, family, and house guests. Having a dingy-looking entryway can make the exterior of a home feel outdated. Refreshing your front entryway is one of the most affordable home-improvement tips for spring, as even an inexpensive fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. From updating your house number and door hardware to decorating the entryway with spring shrubs and layered welcome mats, the smallest details can truly modernize a space.
●      This spring, choose a bold color to update your door, and frame the entryway with a pair of potted plants to show it off.

5. Touch Up Caulking and Weather Stripping

Having a properly sealed home keeps it protected from outdoor elements and improves energy efficiency. Cracks in window caulking and weather stripping create leaks in the seal of your home’s thermal envelope, allowing the outside air in and the climate-controlled inside air out. Re-caulking your windows and doorways and replacing damaged weather stripping strengthens the seal of your home, maintaining your preferred living temperature and preventing water damage.

6. Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space

Spring is a great time to prepare your outdoor living spaces for enjoying the upcoming warmer weather season. Depending on your house and property, there are so many outdoor living space ideas that will make ideal spring home projects, including the following:
●      Install a new deck or thoroughly clean your existing deck
●      Create a patio space or clean your patio flooring
●      Clean and assemble your outdoor furniture
●      Enclose a patio or porch with screens and/or windows
●      Build a floating deck for an outdoor dining or living area
●      Designate an outdoor kitchen area with grills, smokers, counterspace, and more
●      Create a relaxing oasis with a hot tub

Looking to Start a Larger Spring Renovation Project?

If you’re considering enhancing your home with a larger spring home project or complete renovation, you may require professional services, and Gonyea Transformations is here to help you through it all. Our team of professional architects, builders, and designers always provide a superior home-renovation experience built on quality craftsmanship, thoughtful designs, and exceptional customer service you can depend on every step of the way.
For more information on our previous transformations or to begin a consultation with our team, contact the leading home remodelers at Gonyea Transformations today!