Dream Kitchen Remodel Ideas & Trends For 2020

Considering a kitchen renovation in 2020? As the heart of the home, your kitchen should offer both functionality and style, as well as create a multifunctional space for cooking, gathering, and entertaining. If designing a new kitchen is one of your New Year’s resolutions, here are some inspiring kitchen remodel ideas for 2020 to consider:

1. Embrace the Open Concept

While open-concept kitchens have been popular for years—due to their ability to create multifunctional and multidimensional spaces—homeowners are gravitating toward a more minimalistic kitchen space. It’s easy for kitchens to become closed off with clutter, since they are often packed with multiple appliances, cookware, etc. By creating opportunities to open up your kitchen, the space will feel lighter and brighter, while also improving functionality.
To create more openness within your kitchen renovation, consider including the following kitchen remodel ideas:

  • Create a Social Hub—Opening the kitchen up to the dining and living spaces creates a room perfect for family gatherings and entertaining.
  • Opt for Open Shelving—Instead of installing upper cabinetry, try incorporating shelving to store your favorite dishes, or display colorful accents, decorations, accessories, and antiques.
  • Hide Your Appliances—To minimize the look of clutter, an appliance garage can easily be integrated into your cabinetry, so you can slide out your toaster, mixer, or Instant Pot when you need it, and keep it out of sight until then. This idea of drawing less attention to the appliances allows your cabinetry, countertops, and accents to shine without distraction. According to Country Living, concealing your range hoods is another great way to help blend in certain
  • Double Your Islands—To improve flow and functionality, Courtney Hill Fertitta for Elle Décor suggests having two kitchen islands as opposed to one, as it opens up the space and helps create different zones for entertaining or serving and prepping.

2. Enhance Your Kitchen with a Decorative Pantry

Pantry space is coveted space within the kitchen, as it provides necessary storage. Instead of a standard closet-style pantry, consider spicing up your kitchen with a decorative pantry. By opting for a pantry with double doors in a bold color or with subtly frosted glass panes, you elevate your kitchen by giving it a new stylish—yet functional—focal point. Instead of your pantry being an afterthought, it becomes more stylistically intentional, creating a more cohesive space.

3. Incorporate More Warmth & Texture

White and gray will remain timeless options for kitchen color schemes; however, incorporating more textural and natural elements (i.e. stone, wood, etc.) can bring such warmth to the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a gathering place for your family and friends, adding warm elements like natural wood tones immediately makes the space feel even more inviting. In juxtaposition to the crisp and bright white cabinetry, wood and stone elements create textural variety and a softness that’s modern yet homey. Tying in more natural elements is a great way to ground a space.

4. Add Pops of Color

While many people still opt for more standard color options and schemes within their kitchen, bold color accents can really liven up the space. Pops of color add dimension and visual interest, and color can be added in several different ways:

  • Colorful Backsplash—By opting for a bold tile for your backsplash, you can add your own personality and style to an otherwise pretty neutral canvas.
  • Statement Wallpaper—Make a statement with bold wallpaper. You can apply it to an accent wall, to the entire space, or even behind open shelving for a subtle color pop.
  • Bold Cabinetry—An increasingly popular option, bold colored cabinetry is an unpredictable element that adds drama and attitude to your kitchen. The sky’s the limit with the zesty color options now available from many cabinet manufacturers. Cabinetry in deeper jewel tones, like dark emerald green, navy, or red, adds a level of richness you wouldn’t expect to see in a kitchen, yet it partners beautifully with the metal hardware and crisp white accents often found in kitchen spaces.

Envision Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

As you begin imagining your dream kitchen remodel, it’s helpful to clearly identify the following, so you can ensure your kitchen renovation will address all concerns:

  • What do you think your current kitchen space is lacking?
  • What do you love about the space?
  • What are your plans for the space? In other words, how do you wish to use it (i.e. cooking, hosting, entertaining, relaxing, dining, etc.)?
  • What about your space doesn’t function the way you’d like?
  • Is your kitchen in need of space-saving or storage solutions?
  • What about your kitchen feels outdated or out of place?
  • What are your top three aspects you’d like to include or change in your dream kitchen remodel?
  • Are there any kitchen trends you’re dying to incorporate?

Where to Get Started on Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

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As you begin planning your project, discover exciting home remodeling resources on our website to help you identify your needs and create a unique kitchen space that balances design with feasibility, function, and good investment.
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